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Why Preplan?

Emotional Benefits
More time to reconsider your options - You and your family will have time to discuss your options and make well-informed decisions, without feeling rushed.

A Sense of accomplishment
You well feel good knowing that you have relived an emotional burden off your family. Planning a special service after losing a loved one is never easy.

Fewer family concerns
Your surviving family member will have less to worry about in the event of your death.

Personal Benefit

Personalise your service
Leave lasting memories according to your final wishes. With preplanning, those close to you will know what you would like highlighted about the life you've lived

Financial Benefits

Lock in cost
With preplanning, you lock in today's prices. Making sure the rising cost of funeral expenses do not affect your family at a time of distress.

Your family keeps more
When you preplan, more of your asset and life insurance proceeds will go directly to your family as they do not have to worry about where to find the money for the funeral expenses.

Save the amount you need
Once you gain an understanding of all the costs involved, you can earmark a portion of your saving to cover those cost, easing the burden on your surviving loved ones.

Fewer last-minute expenses
When you plan in advance, your family is less likely to incur additional expenses at the time of the funeral.

Advance Planning 1
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Duration: 5mins 20sec
Advance Planning 2
Description: Part 2 of Advance Planning Short films.
Duration: 5mins 28sec
Advance Planning 3
Description: Part 3 of Advance Planning Short films.
Duration: 6mins 26sec
Advance Planning 4
Description: Part 4 of Advance Planning Short films.
Duration: 7mins 52sec

Why Advance Plan?

With Advance Planning:

  • Help relief emotional stress
  • Prevents emotional overspending
  • Taking charge and being responsible
  • Future saving
  • Prevents unnecessary disputes
  • Making decision with clear mind
  • Discussion with loved ones
  • Relieving burden

Without Advance Planning:

  • Stress dealing with loss of loved ones
  • Overspending
  • Leaving to family to decide on behalf
  • Pay currrent inflated prices
  • Arguments arising from different opinions
  • Hasty illogical decisions
  • Second guessing alone
  • Full responsibility of all arrangements

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