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Funerals are not just about saying goodbye, they are about commemorating each individual that has left behind a legacy.

Our team at Singapore Funeral Services is dedicated to offering the best advice and guidance throughout each journey of grief and coping with a loss. Under our sincere support and caring hands, we assure the accordance of the funeral arrangement to your wishes.

Not only are we well versed in traditional religious funerary customs, but we are also adapted to fulfilling modern requests. It is all about the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on your loved one's memories and unique life journey.

Our company has also partnered with various organizations and sponsors to provide Pro Bono assistance to lower-income families.

Gerald HengGerald Heng
06:06 08 Jul 24
Funeral Director Leslie Soh’s team is Extremely professional and experienced, absolutely no hiccups, they were able to pre-empt all potential issues before anything could happen. Totally met and exceeded our family’s expectation. The wake was hosted at Singapore Funeral Parlour at Tampines Link from 4 July 2024 to 8 July 2024. The team guided us throughout the toughest moments.
Ming liangMing liang
15:12 30 Jun 24
The service provided by the team was exceptionally professional and thoughtful. In a time of great distress and confusion, everyone in the team took immense care in handling our situation. The news of our loved one's passing came so suddenly, and we were overwhelmed. Yet, the compassion and efficiency demonstrated by the team made a significant difference.I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Gerald's operations team. We couldn't name everyone individually, as we don't know all their names, but their collective effort was deeply appreciated. From the moment we reached out, Gerald’s team was attentive and empathetic, ensuring that all our needs were met with great consideration.Additionally, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the other staff members who provided invaluable advice and support. Their guidance on what needed to be done, and how best to proceed, was crucial in helping us navigate this difficult time. The comprehensive care they offered—from the initial contact through to the very end—was remarkable.The final send-off for our late loved one was very well executed. We were profoundly touched by the meticulous attention to detail and the respectful manner in which the service was conducted. The entire process, from the hospital administration to the ash scattering arrangement, was handled with utmost professionalism and sensitivity.In summary, Gerald’s team, along with the other staff members, were incredibly helpful in every aspect. Their dedication and support went beyond our expectations, providing comfort and relief during an otherwise trying time.Singapore Funeral Service is highly recommended for anyone in need of funeral planning and afterlife services. Their professionalism, compassion, and thoroughness ensure that every detail is handled with care, allowing families to focus on honoring their loved ones.
08:05 22 Jun 24
Assisted by Gerard Koh during this whole bereavement. Gerard attended to our needs and guide us to ensure we are aware of the necessary procedure. Despite both my parents are illiterate, he ensure a clear string of communication and articulate all information in a rightful way throughout. Thank you for making the whole process so smooth to lessen our last few moments for my uncle.
Chrissandy FernandoChrissandy Fernando
12:58 11 Jun 24
They're not professionals at all. And of top of it, they lied. They set up their thing on the void deck without even thinking of how it affects other people staying nearby. They blocked the disability access by placing their tent way too close that leaves 0 space for others.When i pointed out to them, they said they'll move it in a few hours. But this is already the next day and they didn't move it at all.Other funeral services never done this before at my block. Usually they leave some space big enough for at least a wheelchair. This is the first time I'm seeing this. It's such a trouble for people with disability to get to the lift.
Sang PurnamaSang Purnama
06:47 06 Jun 24
It was beyond my expectations that we could received such meticulous support from SFS team led by Mr Hoo Hung Chye , during our bereavement at my mum’s wake. Their compassion, efficiency , team work was beyond words. At intervals and even night vigil were attended to. I couldn’t thank them enough. Deeply appreciated!Maria and family.
Roslyn HoRoslyn Ho
17:01 05 Jun 24
I am deeply grateful for the exceptional service provided by Hoo Hung Chye and the entire team at Singapore Funeral Services during my beloved mother's wake and cremation. My mother passed away on May 31st, and during this difficult time, their professionalism, compassion, and meticulous attention to detail were outstanding.From the very beginning, the team demonstrated an extraordinary level of care and support. Special thanks to Sebastian, who assisted us with every single matter with immediate attention. They went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the funeral was thoughtfully planned and executed, allowing us to focus on honoring my mother’s memory without any additional stress.The compassion and dedication shown by the SFS team truly made a difference during this difficult time. Their seamless coordination and heartfelt empathy provided immense comfort to our family.I highly recommend Singapore Funeral Services to anyone in need of funeral arrangements. Their commitment to excellence and genuine care is unparalleled.
Bibi LohBibi Loh
09:25 28 May 24
Thank to Leslie and Teams members, from the first meeting, through the funeral and afterward ... Thank you for all your support and help with everything ... We had no clue what to do and you guided us all the way. Thank you for the Guidelines booklet, it helped a lot.
Serene NeoSerene Neo
07:27 16 Mar 24
SFS handled both my dads and mums wakes. First one in 2019 and the second one just last week. I could not have asked for a better team. Gerard was professional, compassionate, and most of all guided me the whole way from even before mum’s passing. He was patient with my requests and did all he could to help with the Audio Visual equipment, coming down to check on the set up and drinks and snacks stock regularly. Han handled the re ordering of items and assisted me almost daily. He was polite and friendly and the epitomy of professionalism. At the church and crematorium Gabriel assisted Gerard in ensuring we all knew what to do and where to go. It could not have been a smoother, more peaceful send-off for mum. I will be forever grateful that they were with us during mums final moments here on earth. All the staff were in suits and very very sensitive and polite during the entire wake and funeral. I cant recommend them enough. You wont go wrong in engaging their services. Many thanks to the SFS team for all their help and hard work. From me and my family.
Klint ThianKlint Thian
02:57 08 Feb 24
Saw this exact same hearse - GBC 1, at my relative's funeral last month by Singapore Funeral Services. Now seeing it again at late Mr Wee's funeral brought back some nice memories. Well done Singapore Funeral Services for providing my family good services all this while.
Christine TanChristine Tan
06:42 02 Feb 24
A Huge Thank You to Gerard Koh and team for providing outstanding service, professionalism, empathy together with in-depth expertise in supporting our requirements for a beautiful catholic funeral service.Jan 28-Feb 1, 2024
Anita ChooAnita Choo
03:50 18 Jan 24
I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful service provided by Hoo Hung Chye, Funeral Direction from SFS during my grandfather's wake.Your team was really helpful and caring throughout the entire process. Losing a loved one is hard, and your support made it a bit easier for our family.The way you organized everything, from taking care of transportation to managing the details of the wake, was excellent. Your team's kindness and understanding meant a lot to us during this tough time.The presence of your team was comforting, not just in handling the logistics but also in offering emotional support to our family and friends. It made a big difference.I would recommend SFS to anyone who needs funeral services. Your team's care and support during this challenging time meant a lot to u
Aileen KhoAileen Kho
05:07 12 Dec 23
SFS handled my father's and grandmother's funeral wakes. They did a wonderful job in being an one-stop provider from the start until the completion of the wake. The wake was beautifully decorated, and SFS attendants were attentive from cleaning the place and serving drinks, and the overnight attendant as well as the emcee/staff who managed the last day of funeral professionally. They were receptive and accommodating to our requests.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯
Sandra WeeSandra Wee
10:37 01 Dec 23
My family engaged SFS when my father in law passed away recently. We are all deeply grateful for the professional way they handle the wake, Cremation and the collection of ashes. From the start, Gerard was very helpful and assisted me and guided me on the process. The set up at the parlour was very beautifully done. We had so much positive comments on the setup from family and friends. It was peaceful and serene and just absolutely beautiful. I must say that it way beyond our expectations. The service crew on the last day that help with the buffet was attentive and very helpful. Mr An who attended to us at the collection of ashes was kind, very informative and guided us on the process. Big thank you to the whole team.
Louis SohLouis Soh
04:14 08 May 23
SFS has helped me through a really tough time with the passing of my wife. It was very comforting to know that her wake and services are being handled by professionals. Its the small things that count. Mr. Leslie Soh has shown me great compassion and flexibility to fulfill her wishes. Thank you very much from all of us in the family.
Wee Mei LingWee Mei Ling
08:26 02 May 23
We want to thank Leslie & his team for their excellent service. Leslie is very helpful & patient. And very satisfied on the make over on my mom. Overall, a thumbs up for them. Thank you.
Christina LeowChristina Leow
02:12 29 Mar 23
My family has engaged Singapore Funeral Services for my mom’s funeral. My family is glad to engage them as they provide excellent service throughout the 5 days service. The staffs are experienced and they are very attentive to details and made us stress free so that we can attend to our friends and relatives. Also, their food catering is good too.
Yi Xuan Jamie TayYi Xuan Jamie Tay
12:49 27 Jul 22
SFS helped tremendously with the care of my Uncle's departure. The entire family has nothing but praise to their attention to detail towards the landscaping at the venue and arrangements of care and guidance towards all aspects of the wake.It shows when a team works as a team.SFS has shown that though their professionalism.My mother was very impressed that she has made known to us that she would like to be under SFS care when she departs.Thank you SFS for the efficiency and guidance though difficult times.
Nicholas WongNicholas Wong
15:23 05 Nov 21
Wanted to express my gratitude to Hung Chye and his team especially Leslie & Johnny in their professional in handling my Aunt's funeral who has passed away on 4 Nov 2021 (Deepavali) late afternoon. Their quick response to our queries and advises to our request was excellent. They are patience and take times to understand our requests especially during this period of bereavement. We had a direct cremation and we were able to complete the whole event by 5 Nov 2021 evening.Once again, thank you to Hung Chye and his team especially Leslie and Johnny!
Evon EstropEvon Estrop
02:18 07 Aug 20
Funeral Director Gerard Koh organised my mum's funeral to the T. He listens, never over promises but certainly delivers. The wake area was beautiful, he took instructions and the outcome was breathtaking (sharing picture). The funeral was organised with military precision and importantly with so much warmth and care for the family which allows us to grief. Gerard's team was hands on, extremely proactive and professional. It is evident from my experience that SFS Care, Gerard and his team are not merely in the funeral business rather in a business that places family first - Kudos to Gerard and his team which includes Stoney, Gulam...
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