Past Events

'Unfinished Business' Experiential Workshop

Embark on a journey of self-discovery like never before! We believe that in removing the stigma of death around conversations, people are more open to end-of-life preparation which helps to ease the minds and worries of our loved ones.

Drawing inspiration from Derren Brown's insightful book 'Happy,' our Experiential Workshop aims to guide you towards genuine happiness by addressing fears and embracing the present moment. Brown's teachings on the power of the mind and the art of finding joy in everyday experiences are woven into the fabric of our transformative event.

Unfinished Business EDM 9th Dec
Company Award Ceremony
In recognition of our staff's hard work and dedication, Singapore Funeral Services has awarded them during the recent company celebration ceremony held at York Hotel Singapore!
After Hours @ My Community Tour
In collaboration with My Community Festival 2021, join our funeral director Hoo Hung Chye as he shares his stories, knowledge & experience of the funeral industry in Singapore!
Happening from 10 Sept – 3 Oct
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