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SFS Packages


Rooted in the belief of reincarnation, we provided a dignified send off by providing monk chanting, food offering and the necessary setups.


The funeral service includes setting up a sacred altar which represents five core elements. A Taoist priest will also perform the rites and rituals.


Celebrating the meaningful life led, the funeral commonalities include open casket viewing, commendation and committal which will be arranged by us.


The final send off for a loved one adheres to the Catholic Funeral rites which comprises of Vigil, Funeral Mass and Rite of Committal.


A simple yet meaningful sendoff includes a standard memorial ceremony and funeral procession that is open for customisation.


Recognising the diversity of cultures in Singapore, we offer services for Koreans, Japanese and individuals of different cultures.


The passing of the loved one may be sudden but preparing a meaningful farewell for them and providing closure for family and friends is essential.


We strongly believe in commemorating the lives of our loved ones and what better way is it but to remember them through their passions.


We recognise the importance and purpose in organising a ceremony for the little ones and their families to bid farewell in peace.