"In times of bereavement, a simple decision can be a difficult task."

Our Funeral Services

We are compassionate and provide reassuring comfort to family and friends. We respect your choices and will remain transparent with our pricing and services offered. Besides religious funerals arrangements, we also offer bespoke services that are customizable to cater to your needs.

Our Funeral Arrangements Are Crafted To Your Needs

With decades of experience in handling funeral arrangements professionally, we crafted packages that are catered to your needs, giving you peace of mind and ease of heart. Why choose Singapore Funeral Services?

Because we know what you need.

In-House NEA-Certified Embalmer & Embalming Facilities

Singapore Funeral Services is one of the few in Singapore that has an in-house NEA-certified embalming facility & embalmer.

Embalming is the art and science process that comprises the following 3 general steps.


Geared up in full personal protective equipment, our embalmers ensure that they disinfect the body thoroughly upon arrival at our facility. This is the step where the body is cleaned and prepared for embalming.


The process where the body is treated with chemicals that replaces blood and other body fluid. Since each case is different, the required combination of the fluid used varies accordingly to individuals.


The final step is rather important since it contributes to the grieving process of the deceased friends and loved ones. It has to be as lifelike as possible or closest to the photo that was given by the bereaved family members for reference. The face is given special attention, well-groomed, and giving the deceased a restful appearance.

"Loved ones will always live in your hearts and memories. Commemorate their presence in your lives with a bespoke package."

Bespoke Service

A funeral can be as simple or as elaborate in accordance with the wishes of the deceased or family members. As we believe in honoring every life with a dignified departure, we understand the importance of crafting suitable packages.

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Other Services

Advance Planning

Offering pre-planning advice services such as will planning, power of attorney, pre-arrangement of funeral, selection of final resting place, etc. Click here for more details.

Condolences Flowers

We have partnered with reputable florists for your convenience in ordering condolence flowers. Find out more about the types of flowers used at funerals and their meanings here.


We have an extensive network of worldwide service providers who are equipped with the knowledge to work with the local authorities for expediting the return. Click here for more details.

Final Resting Place

We handle different types of burials such as Land Burial, Government Columbarium, Columbarium, Sea Burial, Inland Ash Scattering.


Grief Counselling

Our dedicated counselors will help you cope and get through this tough period of time on the passing of your loved ones.

Prayer Services

We offer various prayer services for all religions during the wake as well as after. These prayer services include:

  • Death Anniversary Prayer
  • Zhong Yuan Festival (Lunar 7th Month) Prayer
  • Qing Ming Festival
  • 1st Year Death Anniversary Prayer
  • Gong Teck 
  • 3rd Year Gong Teck

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For a free consultation, kindly contact our hotline number at 1800 800 8888. Our experienced funeral directors will guide you through the process. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week.